Automated SD-WAN & SASE Intelligent Scoping Tool

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

SDWAN ASSIST is a collaboration between 186Kloud, leading technology vendors, connectivity providers and SDWAN Solutions (SD-WAN Subject Matter Experts and the TRUSTED EXPERTS IN ALL THINGS SD-WAN and SASE.) Together, we do the hard work for you and have pushed the technologies to the limits to select only the best in class, proven SD-WAN and security vendor solutions and technologies. Only SDWAN ASSIST aligns SD-WAN, security and connectivity vendors to design bespoke, complete SD-WAN and security solutions for you, 100% ONLINE.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

Complete the SDWAN ASSIST online specification form and we do the rest – We scope, design and quote your tailored SD-WAN or SASE network 100% online, in under 10 days.

Before we start, please read the following:

  • SDWAN ASSIST uses your answers to the questions below to scope an initial SD-WAN design and to ensure that the best vendor solution is presented to you.
  • This is the initial design phase and we fully expect to fine tune the solution further, once the initial design meets with your approval and budget.
  • Please complete all questions as each one is relevant to the initial design. SDWAN ASSIST takes on average 30 minutes to complete.
  • Once we receive your completed form, we expect to be able to respond with a bespoke solution design document and quotation, within 10 days. Larger network design may take longer. We will keep you informed of the progress

Download a site template here:

Or use your own with the following columns:

  1. Site Name
  2. Site Address
  3. Site Postcode
  4. Site Telephone number
  5. Site Type
  6. Is HA required
  7. Number of users onsite
  8. Bandwidth required

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